My passion for the outdoors has led me to pursue photography as a hobby, our unique African environment has afforded me the opportunity to capture images of our unrivaled wildlife, landscapes and more. All of these experiences I would like to share with you, “Images from Africa – a photographic collection” is my core vision for this online publication. I have a passion for our unique country South Africa, its people, diverse cultures, unique wildlife and natural beauty. Portraying this diversity in my wildlife and landscape images and sharing these, the ultimate objective.

The “All Posts” page is the heart of my image and literary collections, here you will find a timeline with all the posts in publishing order. There are different types of posts illustrated by an icon on the top left, this theme boasts six post types (Gallery | Image | Video | Standard | Quote | Link). All gallery posts are automatically linked to the gallery page and images can be viewed by going directly to the gallery page on the menu bar if you so wish. The gallery page also has an option on how you would like to view the images, as galleries or as individual images. The choices are situated on the top left and there are also choices in the category selection on the top right. Some browsers and versions of browsers present differently, please bear this in mind.

I would like this to be an interactive site so feel free to comment on the posts, a “Like” will be appreciated or email me.

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UPDATED: 2016-10-01